Custom Built and Designed Silver Bits, Spurs, etc.

All items, including buckles, conchos, and jewelry can be custom designed as to shape, size, and personalizations such as initials, brands, or castings.  Mild steel is used for bit cheek pieces and spur bands.  Cold rolled steel is used on all mouth pieces with copper inlay or crickets (depending on style chosen) , if desired.  Inlayed pure silver or overlayed sterling silver, along with 10Kt, 14 Kt, or 22Kt gold , brass, or copper, are used to decorate bits and spurs.  Buckles, conchos, and jewelry can be made with sterling silver, brass, or copper.  JL Smith Silver never uses any bi-med (plated) silver or gold, or German Silver (nickel) on any product.  All products are guaranteed to be functional and to withstand normal wear and tear. 

  JL Smith's goal is to make a product that is not only pleasing to the eye, but will also give several generations to come a useful, good working product.







I was very fortunate to grow

           up on a cattle ranch in west  central California.  My 

          grandfather cowboyed for               Miller and Lux Cattle   Company

       on the Hearst Ranch.  He and

           his wife bought the family 

       ranch in 1921.

Growing up, I always heard the name R.M. Hall as an excellent bit and spur maker.  Bob had cowboyed with my uncle on many roundups, and lived about fifteen miles from our family ranch.

In 1986, my mother-in-law planted the seed in me about making bits and spurs by giving me a book that Bob wrote.  In 1991 I was able to start learning the trade from R.M. Hall himself.

I spent two years with Bob and earned a bit and spur making certificate.  I have often told folks that I could never put a price tag on what Bob Hall gave to me.  He gave a piece of himself and a whole lot of his time so that I could learn this trade. I thank him with all of my heart, and hope that when he looks down from above, he knows that his work lives on through me.








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